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• Automatic invoices management with calculation of indexation
- Automatic reading of ISABEL file
- Automatic export of the accounting data in the accounting programs WINBOOKS-ORBIS-ADIX

- Calculation of the consumer price index.
- Invoice historic in real time and analyze according to your own choice.
- Calculation of the technicians labour costs.

• Customers Data base
- synthesis list by customer with: installed tool and contract
- option for alarm fitter : gateway to Seasons Management Software
- History of the services and interventions,
- History of the invoices,
- Follow up, analyze of the prospects according to your own choice.

• Automatic management of the maintenance contracts and interventions
- Analyze and planning of the maintenance by customer according to your own organization, with integrated schedule.
- Planning of the maintenance according to a determined period.
- Follow up of the maintenance to be done.
- Automatic printing of the maintenance note for the customers.

• Management of the offers transferable into invoices.
- standard and modifiable estimates for a new offer.
- reception note for the customers.

• Grouping documents for the customers:
- certificate for police, certificate VAT 6%, installed tool with registration, ...

• Management analysis:
- Sales on sites (turnover, sales challenge, ...)
- Products by supplier (stock, price, printing of products restocking, ...)

• Invoicing history
- follow up, analysis.
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